Editorial Board

  • Piotr G. S. Schulkes (President)
  • Dora Vrhoci (Design)
  • Thari Zweers (Blog)
  • Jennifer Hong (PR)

Graphic Design

  • Jan Johan Draaistra
  • Nyckle Bos

Our Mission

Honours Review is an independent, peer-reviewed journal from the University of Groningen. Published Semi-annually (June/December), it combines high quality articles with an original design by the Minerva Art Academy Groningen.

Honours Review aims to foster academic and personal growth through the writing and design process and provides a platform for the intellectual and creative generation of tomorrow.

The journal has started in 2012 as an initiative of Honours College students and has been growing ever since. In December 2017, we will celebrate our 10th issue. Every issue includes 5-6 scientific articles written by students and one interview with remarkable personae. The past issues include contributions on terrorism, politics and attraction and many more and have featured interviews with three Nobel Laureates (Prof. Brian Schmidt (Physics 2011), Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn (Chemistry 1987) and Prof. Ben L. Feringa (Chemistry 2016).

Our collaborations:

The Minerva Art Academy of Groningen